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I’ve had the pleasure, over the years, of lsitening to a lot of new music. And Some of the songs actually got me thinking


Really cool song. And I get what it is the band is trying to say. Anyway….

here’s a link to the lyrical vid.


And for those who arent into the heavy stuff, you can read the lyrics bellow….

“I am human
I am horror
I am the creator and the destroyer
A black cloud of corrosive breath
I am the giver, the taker, the messenger of death

Relentless in our pride of never-ending faults
We make the oceans rise and turn cities into salt

No time to care about the cost of living
Civilized suicide
No exoneration
This is our home yet still we destroy

On a warpath we will never return
And we are never coming back
Victims of a repetitive past
Our future was never meant to last

I am human
I am horror
I am the creator and the destroyer
A black cloud of corrosive breath
I am the giver, the taker, the messenger of death

Bright blood red
The eyes of man
Writhing in sickness
Speaking in whispers
Bright blood red
The eyes of man
Swimming in sadness
Slow and silent killers

We were born with death upon our backs
Playing god will never be enough
We want the heaven without the hell
But the devil knows better than us
He’ll just let us destroy ourselves

Smoke of the sun
Let the rain fall as ash
We were born into this world with death upon our backs
We were born with death upon our backs


*no title*

I actually thought of doing some profound back from the dead poetry but the laziness didn’t let me 😦  …..

The irony….It’s been a year…exactly..Since I posted anything up in this place. Not sure if I have followers who missed my very random inconsistent posts but….I’m back (from the dead)

ps: that last part is funny because my last post was titled DEATH. Get it?


We fear death

the concept of leaving this place

of never being able to go back to the familiar.


All men abhor the strange,

the unknown,

the alien.

the thought of leaving is be sad.

but let us reason

once we leave, we no longer have to care

about our next meal,

next paycheck.

there’d be no need to set goals.

the clash of individual ideals would seize

there would be nothing to fear

no more sickness

just silence

a calm silence

the game of life would be over

and we, the player, can finally fold our cards and rests.


The realm of the dead shall not have me
I shall escape this hollow existence
This shall not be my end
stuck in a formless state
A consciousness unable to feel
I yearn for stimuli
I crave it
I must have it
IN desperation i feel fingertips on my teeth
I hold on
Jaw locked
Rending what might be skin
“But this is not a place where anything with life resides
I shall escape
Maybe I can carve myself a body from the soulskin i feel
Even if soulskin is mine:
I shall carve a skin out of this soul
and exist as a body”

What is this void?
Hollow white figures in the distance
An ambiance disturbing
I look upon myself
I am just like the figures i see
I cant hear myself scream
What could have happened
what brought me here
I can’t remember….
My memory fails me
I attempt to run
But my legs fail me
i don’t know if the limbs i have can even be called legs
without joints
This must be a bad dream
I must
… wake up

As The morning comes
So too will the Sun
With blazing fury
As the day goes on
The ball of fire shines brighter
Scorching all it sees
But fret not
For its sight is finite
And in time you will see
That the night shall fall
Cool darkness will cover you all
And with it,
The Sun of the Morning


The Precious King
Clothed in great majesty
Golden unblemished Skin
And Eyes more intense than flames
More Beautiful than precious stones
His Kingdom lies in the Great North
Snow like clouds everywhere
His domain, the very embodiment of awe
All hail the King of the North
Forever Live The one true King

Creature || Creator

Soul stained black
Decadent Heart
Perverted mind
Such is the natural state of man
Roaming the Earth to seek his own
Aspiring towards an iron throne
All in his wake shall be culled

Abundant in love
Drenched in humility
The Deity who dwells in the realm of eternity
Chose to feel the earth’s gravitational pull,
The anger of the Sun,
The salty taste of the ocean
And the stimulus known as pain

The Beginning and The End

The convenience of human affection
Temporary and fleeting
When one wrongs another perpetually
And doesn’t even bother to say “I’m sorry”
The victim will hold a grudge till his dying breath
In this realm of reality no one can claim to easily forgive everything
That is Where Man’s Love Ends
That is where God’s love begins

Eternal Being of Light
Who’s anger flooded the world
But who’s love is so great he still spares all
Deity so humble and meek
He became one of his creations and walked our streets
Leaning first hand, how it feels to be a bag of flesh,blood and bone
Took all our Sins upon Himself
A sacrifice so pure
That all who believe in him will have their souls saved forever
This he did for us
While we were still in filth
But our atrocious thoughts
And all our Evil deeds
He will hate to his very core
That is where God’s love ends
That is where man’s lust begins